Expand and Operate Health Information Center (HIC)

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Ministry of Public Health
Directorate of Procurement
Grants and Service Contracts Management Unit
Call for Expression of Interest (C-EOI) for National Competitive Bidding (ICB)
Assignment: Expand and Operate Health Information Center (HIC)
Project ID: MOPH-GAVI-HSS3-Con # 01
1. Background: Under the previous grant financed by GAVI, the ministry of public health of Afghanistan has established a health information center in Kabul. This center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of health-related queries by telephone from general public. The HIC is located in Jamhuriat hospital and is operational with a number of health professionals on full time working hours from Saturday through Thursday. People can contact the HIC through a toll free number of 166 during the working days and hours. The objectives of the HIC are to provide promotive and preventive counseling, triage for referral or provide advice from next level care providers. 
2. Assignment Objective:
To expand and operate the existing HIC to provide counselling to health queries of general public throughout the country by using mobile phone technology and avoid unnecessary travelling and efforts. 
A call recording system of all calls should be integrated in the algorithm based call center approach, with a system for producing monthly reports on number of calls, geographical distributions, and the nature of services inquired. 
The HIC is not an emergency line. The purpose of the line will be to provide behavioral change counseling, in addition to provide information on health services availability and health technical issues supplementary referral system for serious case from across the country. The firm/agency/company should develop an advanced system for the health information center with necessary hardware and software including algorithm based telephonic system to receive calls from the entire country.
The firm should recruit and train HIC staff in close coordination of Health Promotion Department, ensure that quality information is delivered by qualified counsellors who are hired by the contracted firm.
The winner of this contract shall also handover a functional HIC including the aforementioned advanced system with necessary hardware and software including telephonic system with software based algorithm to MoPH. The contracted organization is requested to provide a brief marketing strategy to clearly convey the purpose of the line to the target audience.
4. Consultant(s) will implement the program in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health. The consultant may use the existing software, or may develop a new one. Consultants should have practical experience in the technical infrastructure and platform which will be world class state of the art technology to manage all contacts, cases, statistics (male, female, literate, illiterate, provinces, number of calls picked up by each counsellor, classification of all diseases and many more) and on time reporting system. The consultant shall be registered with the ministry of economy or AISA in Afghanistan.
5. The implementation period of this assignment is 33 months.
6. Criteria for short listing: This request for expression of interest follows the Procurement Law of Afghanistan. A consultant organization will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Procurement Law of Afghanistan under Quality and Cost Base Selection (QCBS). The consultants shall provide narrative descriptions on the following (not exceeding 5 pages), excluding supplementary documents such as proves of successful implementation of the same or similar projects:
a. Organization’s experience in implementation of:
i. quality same services, 
ii. similar services in Afghanistan or in similar contexts  
iii. other quality trainings in primary health care, 
b. Personnel qualifications and infrastructure
c. Financial and management capacity 
d. Any other factor which significantly show organization’s ability/capacity to successfully perform the assignment. 
e. A recent external audit report covering financial and internal control system. 
7. Please clarify the followings while submitting an EoI:
a. Full introductory information of lead Consultant its partner(s) if any and type of their partnership. 1) Lead and Sub 2) Joint Venture.
8. Eligibility requirement and documents: Interested consultants must provide following stamped and signed statements or documentary evidence to certify their eligibility:
a. Copies of bidder’s certificate of registration, certificate of incorporation, trading license, and other documents; 
b. Copies of the bidder’s tax registration, tax clearance certificate of recent year; 
c. A signed statement that the consultant is able to pay the debts and is not going bankrupt or suffer from dissolution;
d. A signed statement that the bidder does not have a conflict of interest in relation to the procurement;
e. A signed statement that the bidder is not involved in any violation in business in the last two years prior to participation in the bid;
f. A signed statement that the bidder, or any of its directors or officers is not subject to debarment pursuant to Article 50 of the Afghanistan procurement law.
RFP will be sent to the short listed consultants only.
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 09:00 to 14:00 hours Kabul time during working days through:
E-mail to:  info@gcmu-moph.gov.af  
Deadline for submitting an EOI is 11:00 AM Kabul time on 14 June 2017
Submission: Interested organizations shall submit one original and five copies of EOI in English language and one copy of the translated EOI into one of the local languages either Dari or Pashtu. Expression of interest must be with a cover sheet properly signed and stamped, placed in a sealed envelope with full name of the assignment and project ID, and submit to the bellow address:
Grants and Service Contracts Management Unit (GCMU), HSS grant section
Ministry of Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan
Great Massoud Square