Ministry of Public Health Celebrates World No Tobacco Day

The Ministry of Public Health together with the Kabul Municipality celebrated the World No Tabaco Day to raise public awareness of tobacco losses. 

Tobacco use is one of the major causes of non-contagious illnesses, especially heart diseases, cancers, respiratory problems, and stroke.  According to statistics from the World Health Organization, tobacco kills 50% of its users.

Dr. Feda Mohmmad Pakan, the Deputy Minister for Health Care Services Provision of the Ministry of Public Health stated tobacco use is a serious health problem and added, “Tobacco alone causes the death of 7 million people every year, of which 6 million are dying of direct tobacco use (Smokers) and 890,000 others are dying of tobacco smoke (second smoker). It means that tobacco takes the life of one person in every six seconds. At least 80% of smokers are from the poor countries of the world”

Dr. Pakan says, “Tobacco use not only causes health problems, but also raises economic problems in society, and the rise in tax on tobacco importers and the rise in tobacco prices is the most effective way to reduce tobacco use.”

Mr. Matiullah Mahboob, the Deputy for City Service Provision of the Kabul Municipality stated that tobacco is the enemy of human health and emphasized that the fight against this harmful phenomenon is difficult for one single department. He encouraged other departments to cooperate with the Kabul Municipality in the fight against tobacco and implement the law on the prohibition of tobacco use in their offices.

The Babor Garden, the City Park and the Kabul Zoo announced the tobacco-free areas and the use of tobacco in these areas is banned.

Meanwhile, Dr. Richard Piperkorn, the representative of the World Health Organization, expressed his concerns about increased tobacco use in the countries of the eastern Mediterranean region and welcomed the Ministry of Public Health initiatives to restrict tobacco use.

The Tobacco Control Act was signed in five chapters and 24 articles by the president three years ago, and Article 10 states that "Smoking cigarettes, Hookah and other tobacco products in government offices, hospitals and health clinics, airport terminals, universities, colleges and schools, internet cafes, taxis and vehicles, restaurants and other closed areas are prohibited.