The Department of Neurology and Intensive Care Unit Inaugurate at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital

Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, the Minister of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan inaugurated the department of Neurology and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital.
The above mentioned units opened with the capacity of 50 beds and equipped with all medical advanced equipment such as ventilator, ECG monitor, syringe pump, infusion pump, ultrasound, scan machine, oxygen system and laboratory. It is noteworthy that these units established with the total cost of 15 million AFN which is paid from the Ministry of Public Health budget.
H. E. Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, the Minister of Public Health, stated that the establishments of these two units are good steps towards improving the quality of health services, and added that the neurology section and intensive care unit are playing important role in strengthening the work of neurosurgery department at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital. By establishment of these units, we will be able to solve the problems to some extent.
Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz said, “Although the health sector budget has declined by $ 100 million last year, but still we managed to increase the level of people's access to health services and improve the quality of health services. The establishment of a neurosurgery center in the country was an urgent need. And now, we are witnessing the inauguration of the other two important units. We plan to make this center a standard neurosurgery center in the region.”
Dr. Saleh Mohammad Saljoqi, Member of the Parliament, said that providing health services is a vital issue for the public, and despite the challenges the health sector is facing, they have managed to move ahead for its goals rapidly. Mr. Saljoqi called up on the Ministry of Finance to pay close attention to increase the budget for the health sector, and stated that the investment on the health sector is the key to improving the health of the people
It is worth saying that the newly established units have 52 employees, of which 12 are specialists, 25 nurses and 12 service workers.
Sheikh Zayed Hospital was inaugurated in April 2017 and it has provided health care services to more than 8,102 outpatient, inpatient and emergency services so far. In addition, the neurosurgery unit has managed to carry out 350 major operations and most of these operations have not previously been practiced in Afghanistan.