User Fee Regulation at the Public Health Centers

The regulation on user fees at the public health centers, which is arranged in four chapters and 23 articles, was approved by the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on August 9th, 2017. This regulation is based on the provisions of paragraph "2" of the amendment to Article "2" of the Public Health Law.
The main goals of the regulation are;
• Improving the quality of health services in public health centers;
• Determining the fee amount against the provision of secondary and tertiary health services;
• Determining the responsibilities of health service providers on collecting the fee and exemption from the payment of fee for poor patients.
This regulation stipulates that the public health facilities are required to provide free basic health care services to all citizens nationwide in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health law. In addition, public health centers are required to offer health services free of charge for emergency cases, for people with disabilities, women who suffered violence, and cases of cesarean section operations. University and school students are exempted from payment upon providing their identity cards.
In order to successfully implement the User fees program, the Ministry of Public Health shall develop and implement separate guidelines and procedures for this purpose.