Dr. Ahmad Shah Salehi

Ahmad Shah Salehi is an Afghan physician and currently the Director of the Health Economics and Financing Directorate of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).Dr. Salehi has extensive experience of working with the MoPH and NGOs in Afghanistan. Soon after his graduation from university he started working at various levels as a medical officer in a series of health facilities.On completion of his Diploma Course in Otolaryngology he joined the International Medical Corps (IMC) as Health Information System Manager. On proving his managerial and leadership skills, he was soon promoted to the position of the Deputy Medical Coordinator and later to the position of the IMC Health Program Director.

He played a key role in the establishment of IMC’s Health Information System and the expansion of IMC’s operations in Afghanistan in the period of 2001-2003. Appreciating his focus and capacity, in 2003 the Ministry of Public Health made him a job offer, which should become the starting point of his high level carrier within the Ministry. He worked as the Director of the International Relations Department and Consultant for the Grant and Contract Management Unit (GCMU) from April 2003 through August 2007. His technical knowledge and his interpersonal, diplomatic and social skills have been crucial in bringing all the NGOs under the umbrella of the Ministry and in coordinating the donor community.

As GCMU consultant he made invaluable contributions to the process of short-listing, negotiation and contracting of NGOs for the delivery of BPHS and EPHS in 31 provinces of Afghanistan as part of Performance-based Agreements and Grants financed by the ADB, EC, Global Fund, HSS/GAVI, USAID, and The World Bank. He was involved in the development of key MOPH policy and strategy documents. Recently, he has initiated the creation of a new unit of Health Economics within the structures of the Ministry. The introduction of the National Health Accounts Afghanistan’s health sector is another high profile and innovative action just launched by Dr. Salehi.

Dr. Salehi did his medical training at Kabul Medical University (1988-1995) and from 2007-2008 his Master’s in International Public Health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, United Kindom. He also attended a Postgraduate Diploma Course at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. His academic training was complemented by certificate courses on Public Policy and the Private Health Sector in Asia, Health Administration, Public Health Complex Emergencies, Effective Negotiation in Procurement, and Hospital Management in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea, respectively, not to mention the numerous training programmes he attended in Afghanistan.

Dr. Salehi is the principle investigator of two studies namely Occupational exposure to blood-borne infection: survey of universal precautions knowledge and reported injuries in Kabul hospital staff” and “HIV KAP among healthcare workers in Afghanistan In view of his outstanding commitment and dedication, the Ministry of Public Health would like to recognize him as an Afghan Health Hero.