Component 3

Component Three: Strengthening program management (estimated total cost of USD 10 million)

This component will support and finance cost associated with system development and stewardship functions of the MOPH. It will finance incremental operating costs of the MOPH at the central and provincial levels. In addition, it will support and finance short term technical assistance in specific areas where immediate capacity development is required. SEHAT will adhere to the Government's National Technical Assistance salary guidelines, once it is approved by the GOIRA. Until such time, the project will adhere to the CBR salary scales on the maximum level that can be paid to contracted staff. The contracted staff will be embedded in MOPH departments to transfer knowledge and further develop ministry ownership. This component will also finance a comprehensive gender assessment in the MOPH.

20. MOPH will engage with the Capacity Building for Results Facility (CBR), a separate civil service reform project supported by IDA and ARTF. The aim of CBR project is to assist performance of line ministries including the MOPH. The SEHAT project will be coordinated with CBR to assist the government in improving the capacity and performance of MOPH in carrying out its mandates and delivering services through the implementation of specific capacity and institution building programs. CBR finances the recruitment of managerial and professional staff, as civil servants, for key positions and support targeted training programs. The MOPH is developing a CBR program proposal to the Ministry of Finance with its service delivery priorities and system development reforms and related staffing needs. It will seek assistance from CBR to help finance managerial and certain technical staff ensuring it retains skilled manpower to effectively manage the sector and undertake its stewardship functions. These staff will not be financed by SEHAT under Incremental Operating Costs (IOC).

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