Finance Specialist for MoPH-Sehatmandi

Part of Administration

Job Title:                  Finance Specialist for MoPH-Sehatmandi


Number of Post:      One        

Location:                 FM Unit at MoPH-DBD in Kabul

Sex:                         Male/Female                 

Nationality:             Afghan

Duration:                 One year and extendable

Announce Date :     2018/11/6

Expire Date :           2018/11/19


The Afghanistan health system has made considerable progress and the health indicators have also significantly improved over the period of 2003-2017. The key enablers for the improvements have seen in the health sector are strong local stewardship, development of sound and stable policy frameworks, prioritization of investments in primary care and implementation of BPHS and EPHS. The BPHS and EPHS have been implemented through NGOs in 31 and the MoPH Strengthening Mechanism in remaining 3 provinces. Sehatmandi project mainly finances the BPHS and EPHS implementation across the country for 3 years - July 01, 2018 to June 30, 2021. In order to manage the health program effectively, the project finances the system development and stewardship functions of the MoPH though support of short-term technical assistance and supports the contractual staff required for implementation of project activities.

Scope of services:

The incumbent will work under the direction of. Sehatmandi Senior Financial Management Specialist of the Development Budget Department (DBD). The Finance Specialist supports to the MoPH/ DBD team on Sehatmandi project FM related affairs.


This position will report technically on day to day activities to Sehatmandi Senior Financial Management Specialist. However, contractually, the consultant is accountable to Sehatmandi Coordination Office and will report project related activities/deliverables to Sehatmandi coordination Office on regular basis.


To provide full time job/FM services for the MoPH Sehatmandi project FM unit at the DBD in budgeting, accounting, disbursement, reporting activities and financial analysis of the SEHATMANDI project.


  • To prepare and process the forms of M16s, POs, PCs, CFs, M12s, M10s and other required forms and their supporting documents for the project eligible expenditures such as for the BPHS/EPHS implementing partners(NGOs) based on the approved budget, donor’s and MoF requirements.
  • To work hard and commits that funds transfer to the project related NGOs are done on timely manner and make sure that all the NGOs submit all the required documents such as quarterly financial reports, invoices and etc. to MoPH SEHATMANDI FM unit on timely manner for the process of their payments.
  • Reviews the quarterly financial reports of the NGOs and provide proper and timely feedback to them
  • To ensure that the prior review contracts of his/her portfolio are captured in the Bank’s system and to timely register the Beneficiary Registration Form (BRFs) of the related contractors/NGOs in the client connection site of the World Bank to ensure timely payment of the Direct Payments to these contractors/NGOs
  • To do regular follow ups with MoPH different departments, controller’s office, MoF, DAB, NGOs if required with the Bank Kabul office to ensure that all the project staff and suppliers / NGOs get their payments on time.
  • To maintain the journal , cash book and ledgers of the project regularly updated for reporting and reconciliation purposes
  • To Maintain a proper filling system for the overall FM of the project and specifically for his/her related FM documents
  • Provide proper documents for the auditors review and in consultation with the project team, provide proper responses to the audit observations
  • To participate in MoPH evaluations, bidding processes, negotiations or any other meetings when and as required to do budget analysis, performance review/evaluation of the consultants.
  • To maintain regular and close coordination with the SEHATMANDI coordination office, GCMU, procurement department and any other department for the project related FM issues.
  • Any other tasks and duties assigned to him/her by his/her supervisor


Qualifications and experience:

  • BBA,ACCA, BA in Economics or any relevant degree in finance/accounting field
  • At least five years of working experience in finance/accounting field with Afghan government system or with national/international NGOs or donors or UN Agencies.
  • Computer skills (Ms Word, Excel, Access). Knowledge of Data base and Quick Book accounting software is preferred.
  • Fluency and professional ability and skills of  English language and local languages;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a team and to properly solve FM related issues of the project



  •  3 instalments of BPHS/EPHS SPs (six months extension July-Dec 2018) related to his/her portfolio will be paid in 45 days after signing of contracts, by Nov 20th 2018 and in April 2019.
  • 7 instalments of BPHS/EPHS SPs (Jan 2019-June 2021) related to his/her portfolio will be paid as:  first inst. 4 months from signing of contract, 2nd inst by May 20th 2019, 3rd inst by Nov 20th 2019, 4th inst  by May 20th 2020, 5th inst by Nov 20th 2020, 6th inst by May 20th 2021 and the final instalment by Aug 20th 2021.
  • Accurate and timely financial reports related to the finance specialist’s portfolio are prepared
  • The cashbook/Journal and ledgers related to the finance specialist’s portfolio are properly updated
  • Monthly activities report submitted to Sehatmandi Coordination office on a regular basis




























































Submission Guidelines

Electronic applications will be sent to: sub e-mail which corresponds if any of following 2 items is missing, your application will be considered as ineligible/incomplete.


1. In your emails please specify the title of the position as well as vacancy number for electronic submissions and please do the same in the hardcopy submissions.

2. Updated Curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume (Please attached your recent photo and mention in your CV exact date/periods of your work experience, graduation Day, Month, and Year).


If you are shortlisted and invited for written test/interview you will be required to present the original, the following:


A. Education Documents: Your recent education degree/diploma

 Copy of verified Baccalaureate (12 passed) degree by Ministry of Education

 Copy of verified 14 or 15 passed degree by related Ministries

 Copy of verified Bachelor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education

 Copy of verified Medical Doctor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education

 Copy of verified Master degree by Ministry of Higher Education

B. Copy of National Identity Card (Tazkira: Only the pages that show picture and Tazkira number, pages, place of issue and date of issue)



• Electronic applications will be sent to: sub e-mail .

• The Contact Person at Human Resources is: Mr. Mojib Rahimi, HR Officer, MoPH-GD HR. Phone number: 0093- (0)-700991056


Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to written test/interview and subsequent process. Please contact the person in charge (Mr. Mojib Rahimi ) for confirmation.

• No CVs will be accepted after the closing date.

• Any persuade will be threat as disqualification.

• Candidate who applies for the same position in last six months and was unsuccessful (Obtained less than 60% marks), will not be short listed.

• Fraudulent documents and or fraudulent claims in CVs and or documents will result in disqualification at any stage of the recruitment process.

Instruction for test and interview:

The test and interview will be taken from the following references:

1. Main points of the TOR.

2.تعلیمات نامه محاسبه نقدی وزارت مالینه

3.قانون امور مالی ومصارف عامه وزارت مالیه

4.اصول بودجه سازی وزارت مالیه

5.قانون تدارکات و طرزالعمل افقانستان

Submission e-mail