Deputy Minister Of Health Service Provision

Dr. Abdul Bari Omar’s Biography

Dr. Abdul Bari Omar’s BiographyBorn in the year 1987 in Daudkhil Village of Pul e Alam Logar Province, Dr. Abdul Bari Omar received his primary and secondary education in his hometown before traveling abroad to pursue medical education. Dr. Omar graduated from Curative Medicine Faculty of Pazhwak University, where he also served as a faculty member and lecturer. Believing in modernization of medical system and further strengthening of the public health sector in Afghanistan, Dr. Omar continued enriching his clinical knowledge and got a post-graduate diploma in imaging and ultrasonography.

Ever since his graduation, Dr. Omar has actively attended several training courses, workshops and educational seminars on different topics while his prime focus has always remained on surgical and trauma care.

Dr. Omar has served as a key member of the Health Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, during which he has actively provided medical care to the war victims, conducted monitoring and supervision of the health facilities in different parts of Afghanistan and managed the overall Health Commission staff, communication and resources all aimed to strengthen and sustain the public health services provision during the conflicts as well as in war-stricken areas.

Also, during these years Dr. Omar has traveled to almost all the provinces of Afghanistan where he initialized a new era in the health system of Afghanistan.

The prime point of Dr. Omar’s focus was to adhere to the utmost level of care towards the patients and also establishment of a fair and accountable health system in coordination with the key stakeholders, including the UN agencies, ICRC, ARCS and national and international NGOs. .

Dr. Omar has been a key supporter of the efforts by different stakeholders as they strive to further expand the health services networks in order to reach the people in need of health services. He actively participated in conducting the need assessment for newly established and up-gradation of a large number of health facilities throughout Afghanistan. During this tenure, Dr. Omar proved himself to be a public health expert, a mentor, a supervisor, and a catalyst to change.

On the 21st of Sept 2021, Dr. Abdul Bari Omar was appointed as the Deputy Minister for Health Services Provision. 

Dr. Omar’s vision of “making Afghanistan stable in the provision of all sorts of quality health services”, will be achieved in synergy and close coordination and cooperation with all the stakeholders and donor community.

Pashto is Dr. Omar’s native language and he can speak Dari and English as well.

Dr. Omar remains committed to maintaining the gains of the public health sector of the country on key health indicators and further build on the roots of the past in a transparent and accountable way and with ultimate responsibility and honesty. Building the capacity of the Afghans working in the health sector and introducing accountability and fairness in the health system top his work agenda.