Policy & Planning Deputy Minister

Biography of Dr. Bashir Noormal

Policy & Planning Deputy Minister 

Bashir Noormal, born on Oct 07, 1957 in Kabul Afghanistan, completed his Medical Education in 1985 at OdessaBashir Noormal Medical Institute Ukraine, Ex USSR, and got his Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University, California USA in 2010.

From 1985 till 1997, he was a lecturer and then associate prof. at Kabul Medical University, after which he has joined WHO, Afghanistan Country Office in the capacity of Training Coordinator and then as WHO HRD Program Manager till 2004.

Dr Noormal is the founder of HR General Directorate of the ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan and has been Director General of that department for over 3 years. Since Aug 2006, he has been appointed as the Director General of Afghanistan National Public Health Institute, just revived after almost 20 years dormancy, and is in this position till now.

His career at the Ministry of Public Health has been mainly focused on the establishment of comprehensive HRD systems, policies, strategies and development frameworks; development of guidelines on standards for health worker training; establishment of Human Resources database and planning tools; design and development of continuous medical education; health promotion, establishment and development of Disease surveillance, research coordination and Implementation, as well as conducting public health- epidemiology, biostatistics and research methodology trainings; training of health professionals in management, leadership, good governance and medical ethics across the country.

Dr. Noormal has attended many workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums and courses in Afghanistan and many other countries all over the world organized by WHO, IANPHI (International association of National Public Health Institutes), EMPHNET (Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network), TEPHINET, ISTC, DTRA, ICOPHI etc. He has also organized many training courses and workshops in and outside the country; and facilitated different public health management & leadership topics and modules in them. Dr Noormal has written and translated more than 15 title books on Embryology, Public Health Management, Epidemiology, Primary health care, Health Education, and Environmental health. Translated and edited more than 70 titles WHO books, brochures, Booklets and guidelines. He has written and published 24 scientific articles some of which are:

  1. Disease pathogens affecting population, Salwa Ahmed1, Bashir Noormal2, Nasir Stanikzai1, Redi Alami1, Naseer Babakerkhail1, Waleed Joyan1, Khaled Hassan1, Ireen Kamal1, Mireille Kamel1, and Tupur Husain1*, 1United States Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 Egypt, 2Afghanistan National Public Health Institute, Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan.
  2. The Effect of Birth Intervals on Causes of Under-Five Mortality in Afghanistan, Bashir Noormal 1, M.H. Rasooly 1 ;  Khwaja Mir Islam Saeed 1 ; Iqbal Aman 1;  Fred Arnold 2 ; Pav Govindasamy 2 ; Shea Rutstein 2  ; Rebecca Winter 2. 1: Ministry of Public Health Afghansitan 2: ICF International,
  3. End Line Assessment of the Integrated Behavioral Change Communication Project by Unicef, Mir Lais Mustafa, MBBS, DipDarm, MPH; Bashir Noormal, MD, MPH;  Ataullah Saeedzai, MD, MSc; Murtaza S. Hofiani, MD; S.Ikram Hashimi, MD; Farzana Salimi, MD 9-15
  4. Maternal Health Care Trends in Afghanistan Bashir Noormal, MD, MPH; Mohammad Iqbal Aman, MD, MPH; Khwaja Mir Islam Saeed, MD, MCs; Mohammad Hafiz Rasooly, MD, MCs
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  9. Uptake and predictors of contraceptive use in Afghan women, Bashir Noormal, M.H Rasooly1, Mohamed M Ali, Nick JW Brown.
  10. A study on Patients Acquiring Medical Care Outside Afghanistan conducted in 2012: Bashir Noormal, MD, MPH, Ataullah Saeedzai, MD, MSc;; Mir Lais Mustafa, MBBS, MPH; Said Iftekhar Sadaat, MD, MPH; Edris Ayazi, VD, MPH.
  11. Afghanistan chapter (chap 13) in WHO publication by the name of Family Practice in The Eastern Mediteranian Región published in Nov 2018.

Dr. Noormal is chair of IRB (Institutional Review Board) MoPH Afghanistan since 2012, chief in editor of Ghazanfar Medical Journal the peer review publication of the Institute, since 2016, is member of IANPHI (International Association of National Public Health Institutes), focal point for CBRN (Chemical, Biological and Radio-nuclear) Risk Mitigation Initiative in Afghanistan, as well as chair of EMPHNET Board of Directors & Member of TEPHINET Advisory Board since 2016. He was focal point of International Health Regulation (IHR) for Afghanistan from 2007-2015 and was also Chair of State Examination Board for newly graduated health practitioners during 2014-2016.

He is married to Dr. Shinkay Noormal an associate prof of Pathology department in Kabul Medical University, and has six children (4 sons, 2 daughters).