procurement announcement: bidding opportunity of Evaluation of Geo Location Monitoring System (GLM)


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Location Kabul

Grant No.: 1619-AFG-10a-Y

Project ID: MOPH-GAVI-HSS3-11

Date: September 16, 2019.

The Ministry of Public Health has received a grant/ fund from the GAVI in 2016 under the HSS3 grants and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this fund to Evaluate “Geo Location Monitoring System (GLM)” implemented in 9 provinces of the country.


To review the GLM system effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, sustainability and contribution to the improvement of monitoring functions of the Ministry of Public Health and to draw recommendations and lessons learnt for scaling up and systemic use of GLM technology.


  • Evaluators will focus on functionality of the GLM system in the server, mobile application and database since last three years as well as using the standard data collection and analysis methodologies and draw conclusions and recommendations for its future use in the MoPH M&E system.
  • The findings and recommendations of the evaluation will provide information and guidance for the implementation of the next phase.
  • The project is for two months in selected four provinces.


  1. Criteria for short listing: This request for expression of interest follows the Procurement Law of Afghanistan. A consultant organization will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Procurement Law of Afghanistan under Quality and Cost Base Selection (QCBS). The consultants shall provide narrative descriptions on the following (not exceeding 5 pages), excluding supplementary documents such as proves of successful implementation of similar projects (as annexes).
    1. General qualification of the consultant/ firms in terms of:
      1. The Consultant should be registered legal entity. The consultant should provide a copy of bidder’s license, certificate of incorporation, trading license, and other documents with its EOI.
      2. Organizational chart (Organegram)
    2. The consultant shall provide proven experiences of having executed at least [1] contract of similar nature during last [5] years.  The consultants are required to provide copy of the contract with their EOI.
      1. Similar projects are defined such as: evaluation of Software projects, Mobile application development, database application development, web based application, geographic software.

The Consultant should explain the exact role played by the Consultant in the assignment if the assignment was carried out in association with other firms as JV or in sub-consultancy, for carrying out the assignment.

    1. Recent external audit report in one of the last three years:
    2. The consultant is not black-listed by Government of Afghanistan.


    1. Eligibility criteria:

Eligibility requirement and documents: Interested consultants must provide the following stamped and signed statements or documentary evidence to certify their eligibility: Consultants found eligible will be evaluated based on the short listing criteria (above): 

      1. Copies of the bidder’s tax registration, tax clearance certificate of recent year (1396 or 1397); In case tax for the year 1397 is under process in MOF, the organizations must provide an official letter from MOF indicating the tax payment is under process.
      2. A signed statement that the consultant is able to pay the debts and is not going bankrupt or suffer from dissolution;
      3. A signed statement that the bidder does not have a conflict of interest in relation to the procurement;
      4. A signed statement that the bidder is not involved in any violation in business in the last two years prior to participation in the bid;
      5. A signed statement that the bidder, or any of its directors or officers is not subject to debarment pursuant to Article 49 of the Afghanistan procurement law.
      6. Declaration by the Consultant that the information furnished in EoI is correct and for any misrepresentation detected at any stage of selection process or during execution of the resultant contract if successful, the Consultant to be taken up under the Laws of Afghanistan.
  1. Requirements for Consultants participating as Joint Venture, Consortium or Association:
    1. Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications. If consultants intend to associate with other firms, they are advised to:
      1. Clearly identify the lead partner and state the composition and nature of their association (JV/ sub-consultant) in their EOI.
      2. Not-for-profit consultants (NGOs) CANNOT form partnerships (any form) with for-profit-organizations.

RFP will be sent to the short listed consultants only.

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 9:00AM to 14:00PM hours Kabul time during working days through:

E-mail to:, copy to

Deadline for submitting an EOI is October 06, 2019, 11:00AM Kabul time.

Submission: Interested organizations shall submit one original and five copies of EOI in English language and one copy of the translated EOI into one of the local languages either Dari or Pashtu. Expression of interest must be with a cover sheet properly signed and stamped, placed in a sealed envelope with full name of the assignment and project ID, and submit to the bellow address:

Grants and Service Contracts Management Unit (GCMU), HSS grant section room # 6

Ministry of Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan

Great Massoud Square

Attention: Mashooq Fida Mobile: +93-778260318  

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