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Terms of Reference (ToR) for the position of Zinc and ORS project Consultant   


Job title:                    Zinc and ORS project Consultant  

Organization:            Ministry of Public Health/Kabul

Duty Station:             MoPH/Kabul Afghanistan

Contract Duration:    1 year (extendable) with 3 months’ probation period

No of Jobs:                1

 Nationality:             Afghan

Sex:                           Male/Female

Report to:                 MoPH-CBHC department

Salary Range:          According to NTA salary scale     

Job Type:                  Full Time

A                              2019/05/01

C                              2019/05/15

CBHC Technical Consultant  


The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) is tasked with a critical mandate; to deliver and promote sustainable and accessible health care services to the people of Afghanistan. Social and economic advancement can only be realized in a thriving and healthy society. The MoPH is providing health services through the implementation of the Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS) and the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS).

Community-based health care (CBHC) is the cornerstone of successful implementation of the BPHS.  It provides the context for the most comprehensive interaction between the health system and the communities it serves. Its success depends upon community participation and a partnership between community and health staff.

The implementation of CBHC recognizes first that families and communities have always looked after their own health.  Religion and cultural norms and beliefs play an important part in health practices, and families are making decisions to maintain health or care for illness every day.  In addition, community members understand and have better information on local needs, priorities, and dynamics. CHWs, CHSs, Health Shuras, and Family Health Action Groups are CBHC elements.

Zinc and ORS project consultant will provide support for all CBHC related activities especially UNICEF funded projects (Zinc and ORS).

Zinc and ORS project consultant:

   The Zinc and ORS project consultant will provide support to CBHC program especially in planning, implementation, coordination and monitoring of ORS/Zinc activities at health post level and HF level and strengthen the distribution of ORS/Zinc with MoPH authorities. He/she also will be responsible for support, forecasting, procurement, distribution plan, monitoring and supportive supervision on Zinc ORS co pack at national and sub national levels


The consultant reports to MoPH and works very closely with UNICEF. Performance evaluation will be done jointly by MoPH and UNICEF. The following points are to be noted:

There will be no automatic renewal of contracts. The extension of the contracts would need to be based on a joint agreement between MoPH and UNICEF. If the personnel receive no notification of renewal, it should be considered that the contract is not to be renewed;

There will be no automatic transfer to the next step of the grade the personnel is placed on upon renewal of contract. The decision to provide the next step will be based on a joint performance evaluation by MoPH and UNICEF;

UNICEF as a UN agency will not be responsible for any tax liability and it is the responsibility of the relevant staff member to comply with all local taxation requirements including payment of income tax etc. This should be clearly noted in the contract between the staff member and MoPH;

Description of assignments:

        The Zinc and ORS project consultant will support all MoPH community based activities including support and ensure that community health workers and health providers are equipped with skills on management of diarrhea; caregivers are aware of Zinc and ORS as an effective treatment for diarrhea and know where to access and ensure that health posts and CHWS have adequate stocks of co-pack of Zinc and ORS.

The consultant will be responsible for developing and maintenance of overall data of CBHC program and data comes from implementation of Zinc & ORS co-pack, chlorhexidine 7.1%, IMCI, MCH handbook and community based newborn care implementation.


Detailed List of responsibilities:

Maintain broad network of relationships, cooperation and coordination with the MoPH other departments/programs, UN and NGOs to ensure integrated and effective implementation of CBHC program as well as Zinc and ORS project.

Coordinate with the HMIS department to collect analysis and disseminate HMIS data on CBHC interventions including management of diarrhea, forecasting and distribution of Zinc and ORS.

Support coordination among CBHC, HPD, RMNCAHD, CAHD, Provincial Health Coordination Directorate on management of childhood diarrhea with Zinc/ORS

Manage all distribution process of Zinc/ORS co-packs at provincial level with close coordination of Provincial Health Coordination Directorate

Work closely with provincial CBHC officers for smoothly implementation of the project

Conduct monitoring visits from all CBHC interventions including zinc and ORS distribution at provincial level

Facilitate development of standards and tools for monitoring of implementation of community based diarrhea management.

Support CBHC officers and CBHC elements to use community events as opportunities for promotion and awareness of diarrhea management using Zinc and ORS. Engage with key community influencers (mullahs, community leaders etc.) for promotion of Zinc and ORS in the management of diarrhea.

Prepare Capacity building plan for CHWs, FHAG, Health Shura and CHSs on management of childhood diarrhea and to implement it with close involvements of BPHS implementing NGOs and also conduct during and post training follow up visits

Develop and revise the training database for any training including Zinc & ORS co-pack, chlorhexidine 7.1% IMCI, home visit, community score card and community based newborn care projects. Maintain the database and is responsible for timely data entry to the database based on data received from provinces

Provide timely feedback to BPHS implementer NGOs, CBHC officers and other stakeholders regarding provision of data to MoPH

Ensure inclusion of Zinc/ORS co-packs in CHWs kit

Analyze and present the progress of the Zinc and ORS projects on monthly based and also based on request

Support MoPH to conduct quarterly and annual review of Zinc/ORS project implementation

Ensure donor visibility (UNICEF/USAID) on Zinc/ORS project activities

Required Qualifications:

The Zinc and ORS project consultant is expected to have minimum academic qualifications of University Bachelor’s degree in Medicine(MD) or public health faculty (master degree is preferable)

Minimum 3 years of experience in community based health activities.

Have experience for development of community based guidelines, manuals and strategies;

Experience of working with MoPH or National/International NGOs will be an advantage;

The Zinc and ORS project consultant is expected to (a) have a good knowledge of working environment in the Afghan administration and the communities; (b) familiarity with the main stakeholders in the Public Health Sector in Afghanistan;

Good spoken and written English as well as knowledge of the main local languages of Afghanistan.

Ability to work with the team and under time pressure.


Payments: Monthly upon certification of MoPH and UNICEF. In all cases, the salary will be paid upon satisfactory completion of services.



The duration of the assignment is one year. The contract can be extended.


Working Conditions

An office will be established at MoPH

Administrative Framework

The contract will be between the Finance Officer and MoPH.


Place of Assignment

Kabul with travel to provinces.

Submission Guidelines:

: (I) Electronic applications will be sent to: sub e-mail which corresponds if any of following 2 items is missing, your application will be considered as ineligible/incomplete.

1. In your emails please specify the title of the position as well as vacancy number for electronic submissions and please do the same in the hardcopy submissions.

2. Updated Curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume (Please attached your recent photo and mention in your CV exact date/periods of your work experience, graduation Day, Month, and Year).

If you are shortlisted and invited for written test/interview you will be required to present the original, the following:

A. Education Documents: Your recent education degree/diploma

ÿ Copy of verified Baccalaureate (12 passed) degree by Ministry of Education

ÿ Copy of verified 14 or 15 passed degree by related Ministries

ÿ Copy of verified Bachelor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education

ÿ Copy of verified Medical Doctor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education

ÿ Copy of verified Master degree by Ministry of Higher Education

B. Copy of National Identity Card (Tazkira: Only the pages that show picture and Tazkira number, pages, place of issue and date of issue)


Electronic applications will be sent to: sub e-mail

Hard copies will be sent to: HR Container, Second floor, at the Ministry of Public Health, Great Masoud Square Kabul Afghanistan.

The Contact Person at Human Resources is: Mr. Mojib Rahimi, HR Officer, MoPH-GD HR.

Phone number: 0093- (0)-700991056


Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to written test/interview and subsequent process. Please contact the person in charge (Mr. Mojib Rahimi ) for confirmation.

No CVs will be accepted after the closing date.

Any persuade will be threat as disqualification.

Candidate who applies for the same position in last six months and was unsuccessful (Obtained less than 60% marks), will not be short listed.

Fraudulent documents and or fraudulent claims in CVs and or documents will result in disqualification at any stage of the recruitment process.

Instruction for test and interview:

The test and interview will be taken from the following references:

Main points of the TOR

1.  CBHC strategy 2015-2020

2.  CHWs curriculum

3.  Health shura guideline and manual

4.  MoPH ToT guideline

5.  Social behavior change and communication guideline

6.  Fundamentals of health management

7.  Leadership development program(LDP


Submission Emails: gdhr.mophapply@gmail.com


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