Public Notice for Award Decision of the Contract Procurement of Telemedicine Equipment in Three Hospitals and Establishment of a Medical Data Center in MoPH Premises (3LOTS)


Publish Date

Closing Date

Location Kabul, Paktika, Samangan

Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has contemplated to contract the project: Procurement of Telemedicine Equipment in Three Hospitals and Establishment of a Medical Data Centre in MOPH Premises (3Lots) related Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Bid number NPA/MOPH/97/G-2228/ICB after certain regular processes through facilities of National Procurement Authority (NPA) with Prologix LLC with total Value of USD 663,200 (Six hundred Sixty-Three thousand two-hundred USD) in three lots where is mentioned as below in USD




Lot One

Aibak hospital of samangan province


Lot Two

Sharana Hospital of Paktika province


Lot Three

Jamhuriate Hospital of Kabul province and establishment of Data Center in Center of moph


Total Lots


The Subject is publicly announced as per Sub-clause no. 1 of Clause no. 43rd of procurement law. In case of any objection, people and entities could submit their written protest attached with reasons in accordance to rule no: 84th 

Procurement Procedure till 7 days since publication of this announcement to Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Ahmad Shah Masoud Square 10th district of Kabul Province, Kabul-Afghanistan

The notice does not mean sign of the contract, and the contract will not be signed till completion of above mentioned deadline.

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