The Minister of Public health actively engages in International Conference

Sun, Feb 11 2024 2:58 PM

The Minister of Public Health for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, His Excellency Dr. Qalandar Ebad, actively engaged in the International Conference on Climate Change hosted by Nangarhar University. During his address to conference attendees, His Excellency Dr. Qalandar Ebad emphasized the significant societal challenges posed by climate change, underscoring the necessity and utility of convening such conferences.


Dr. Qalandar Ebad reiterated findings from the World Health Organization, indicating that thousands of individuals succumb to the detrimental impacts of climate change annually. He stressed the imperative for decisive actions to be undertaken to address this issue and mitigate its adverse effects.


Furthermore, His Excellency Dr. Qalandar Ebad recounted a recent excursion to Helmand, where he observed a considerable exodus of inhabitants compelled to abandon their homelands due to drought conditions, seeking refuge elsewhere. This firsthand experience underscored the tangible repercussions of climate change on communities and underscored the urgency for proactive measures.

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