Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

Implementer: Strengthen Mechanism (SM)

Started date: 2011(Support to the National Health Care program in the provinces of Kabul and Herat)

Background of project:

On March 7th, 2010 the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan requested a grant to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Program "Support to the national health care programs in the provinces of Kabul and Herat”. The Steering Committee for Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs has approved mentioned project on 17 June 2010.

Contract of mentioned project signed by MoPH and Italian ambassador on 25 September 2010. Project started on 2011.

  Project focuses on:

  1. Technical and financial assistance to the MoPH in Kabul and the PPHD in Herat.
  2. Improving and strengthening the Estiqlal Hospital in Kabul.
  3. Set-up of a new Herat Ambulance Service and three ambulance substations.
  4. Technical and financial support of Herat IHS (Pharmacy and lab departments)

 Project achievements:

  1. Establishment of CT-scan department in Estiqlal hospital
  2. Provide Medical equipment for Estiqlal hospital ICUs
  3. Establishment of Estiqlal hospital endoscopy department
  4. Establishment of Estiqlal hospital Echocardiography department
  5. Establishment of Estiqlal hospital laparoscopy department
  6. Establishment of Estiqlal hospital Microbiology department
  7.  Establishment of Breast Cancer Diagnostic Center for Estiqlal hospital
  8. Construction of Diagnostic centre for Estiqlal hospital
  9. Construction of Plastic surgery for Estiqlal hospital
  10. Construction of Gyn/OB patient waiting area for Estiqlal hospital
  11. Construction of three sub-station for Herat Ambulance
  12. Provide medical equipment for Estiqlal hospital plastic surgery
  13. Provide reagent and machine for Estiqlal hospital Laboratory department
  14. Capacity building (CT-scan and Breast imaging)
  15. Provide medical and non-medical equipment for Herat Ambulance Service (HAS)
  16. Maintenance and renovation of HAS
  17. Operation cost for HAS
  18. Provided furniture and medical equipment for HAS three substations
  19. Capacity building for HAS staff and Herat PPHD


Started date2018  

Background of the project: The Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation supporting financially the Reduce Maternal and Child Mortality in Kabul and Heart Province Program under signed technical agreement with Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Health to functionalize the first public pediatric cardiac surgery ward in Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health hospital.

The initiative aims of the project is to reduce the maternal and child mortality under support the activities of the public health system in Afghanistan by strengthening pediatric cardiac surgery department, through approaches that recognize the full ownership of the Afghan institutions and give them direct responsibility for the implementation of the intervention, as specific requested by the local authorities and in line with the Italian Cooperation strategies.

The project main activities areas are:

  1. Project Implementation Unit (PIU):
  2. Strengthen the Ghazanfar Institute of Health Science:
  3. Rehabilitation and Renovation of pediatric cardio thoracic surgery department at Indira Gandhi Hospital:
  4. Replace existing or supply new medical and surgical equipments;
  5. Provide out of the country training:
  6. Re establish the telemedicine system:

RMCM Project achievements:

  1. The assigned PIU team under GD Curative medicine provided the required service as per ToR and already developed plans.
  2. As per plan 4 trainers and 2 administrative staff of the Ghazanfar Institute of Health science trained in India on their related task to ensure the lesson learnt applied in their routine activities. In addition, two batch of refresher training to 22 of Indira Gandhi institute of child health Institute staff conducted by these trained trainers on paediatric cardiac surgery operation theatre and anaesthesia principles.
  3. The construction of new building for paediatric cardiac surgery ward is going on and around 40% of the activities are achieved.
  4. The functionality that include the rehabilitation and furnishing of the IGICH OPD wards for the pediatric cardiac surgery In Indira Gandhi institute of Child health is going on to ensure the required services is implemented for case detection and refer to surgery wards.
  5. The procurement process for provision of medical equipments for the paediatric cardiac surgery ward and Ghazanfar institute of health science re announced by National procurement committee
  6. Facilitated to sign MoUs with 6 Indian super speciality and paediatric cardiac surgery special hospitals and it is expected that the Afghan medical staff will trained free of charge for fees.
  7. Nine Indira Gandhi Institute of child health staff trained in Indian super speciality hospitals these includes paediatric cardiac surgeons, paediatric cardiac consultants and midlevel staff. In addition, two other staff is currently under training in India.
  8. Telemedicine unit of the hospital support is part of activities to ensure the proper communications with outside of the country hospitals for the medical purpose. The rehabilitation process is ongoing and the required furniture’s and IT equipments are provided. In addition, two Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health staff trained in India to provide the required tele medicine services with Apollo Super specialty hospital in India.