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Wed, Feb 21 2024 10:17 AM
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Announcement of the General Directorate of Human Resources!

Distribution of appointment times for the most doctoral candidates including the year 1403 batches

Tue, Jan 30 2024 9:43 AM
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Executive Board Certification Exam Announcement!

Comprehensive Practical Test:

The practical examination for graduates of the Kabul Hospital Specialist Program has already begun and will continue until 2024/2/5.

Respected candidates . . .

Fri, Feb 25 2022 11:51 AM
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MoPH condemns the senseless killing of the polio workers in Kunduz and Takhar provinces

Friday, February 25, 2022:

Yesterday, eight polio workers, four of them women, were killed by unknown gunmen in separate attacks in in Kunduz and Takhar provinces. 

Three male and . . .

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