End of the three-day IT workshop for provincial IT officers of the Ministry of Public Health

Mon, Oct 26 2020 3:34 PM
End of the three-day IT workshop for provincial IT officers of the Ministry of Public Health

The workshop, which was held from October 24 to 26, 2020, ended with the awarding of certificates to the information technology officials of the provinces by Dr. Abdul Qadir Qadir, Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Public Health and Engineer Ahmad Javid Wafa Head of Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Public Health.

At the end of the workshop, Dr. Abdul Qadir Qadir addressed all the information technology officers of the provinces and said: The Ministry of Public Health and the Information Technology Department of this ministry have always been your support and have launched workshops and training courses. We also support you. we will also launch more capacity building programs and workshops for you in the future.

At the end of the program Ahmad Javid Wafa Head of Information Technology, added: "The purpose of launching this workshop was to share technical knowledge and skills between the central staff of the Ministry of Public Health and provincial staff to improve the level of  knowledge And capacity building for better public health services in the provinces and provincial hospitals, familiarity with new and modern technologies and in order to share information between the center and the provinces and better coordination.

In this workshop, network, network equipment and tools including cyber threats, security cameras, telecommunications, video conferencing and services were discussed.

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